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Giving You a Say in Cheltenham’s Future

As a long established and well respected organisation, the Chamber’s opinion is sought on many important issues long before final decisions are made.

The Chamber provides a forum for local business giving you the opportunity to exchange views and share experiences with other members.

Together we make sure your views are heard and strengthened to have maximum impact in Cheltenham.

Business Advocacy in Action

As well as providing an invaluable "sounding board' on local issues, the Chamber is proactive on many fronts. In recent years we have taken a leading role in many projects to enhance the Town's commercial and retail resources, including:

- The Cheltenham Development Task Force.  The Task Force came into existence in January 2010 following full Council endorsement of a cross party steering group. Its purpose was to move the former Civic Pride project forward to the delivery stage. So far the initial targets achieved have been, the conclusion of the Midwinter deal which will deliver 172 housing units (40% affordable), exchange of contracts for the redevelopment of the former Black and White coach station site and Portland Street (with Morrisons foodstore as anchor, a 600 space car park and 140 housing units – by Skanska Homes) , securing planning for the Brewery phase 2, proactively working with the County Council to secure the Local Sustainable Transport Fund monies, progress with the public realm works at Imperial Gardens West and Promenade East and engaging the market over the Albion Street/Winchcombe Street block.  Currently the Task Force is engaged in assisting the Borough Council with its accommodation strategy, working with the Diocese of St. Mary’s Minster with their ambitions for their site; supporting the County with plans to reduce central town traffic and promote sustainable travel and securing initial support for a proposed major enhancement to Cheltenham Spa railway station.

- Gloucester, Cheltenham & Tewkesbury Joint Core Strategy. The draft Joint Core Strategy has now been approved by all three councils and will be available for public comment until the 26th November 2013.  The Chamber will be considering the implications of the proposals on the business community and forming a response

- Cheltenham Retail Crime Link. The Chamber was one of the chief instigators of this service, which provides instant communication between retailers and shopping centres and the Police and other emergency services via 65 radios in 60 retail outlets. There are plans to include 'out of town' retail parks in the service in future.

- The 'Night Watch' system. Now installed in 16 night clubs in Cheltenham this scheme, which works on the same principles as Cheltenham Retail Crime Link, has dramatically reduced instances of theft and increased detection and arrest. Its success has attracted the attention of public houses and bars in the town, and many are expected to join in the near future.

- Installation and operation of CCTV surveillance cameras in the town centre and surrounding areas. The Chamber provided support for the cameras, which have been installed to benefit businesses and the community in general by combatting crime and vandalism.

- The Chamber is also represented on the board of the Cheltenham Business Partnership, which is responsible for Town Centre Management.

- Via our affiliation with County and Bristol Chambers, we form part of a great national organisation working for the benefit of its members.