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Alliance & Partnerships

The Chamber works in alliance and partnership on a local and national basis with public and private organisations. Together we strive for better services and trading conditions for our members, and achieve a win-win outcome for organisations we work with.

If your organisation is interested in working together with the Chamber, please email us at, or alternatively call us on 01242 252626.

Cheltenham Business Partnership
The task of the Cheltenham Business Partnership is to take a holistic approach to the town of Cheltenham and its surroundings to ensure the 'Cheltenham Experience' is one to be enjoyed by us all. The coming together of the varied nature of the Partners in commerce, industry, leisure and administration brings a pool of expertise to the table  (


Cheltenham Safe
Run in partnership with the Police, Cheltenham Borough Council and the Chamber of Commerce, Cheltenham Safe is a retail crime reduction partnership supporting the retail sector through Daysafe and the night-time economy through Nightsafe. Members of the scheme exchange information on persons stealing from stores or causing problems at venues, excluding them from all member premises, reducing losses and ensuring the safety of residents, staff and visitors to the town.

Gloucestershire University - The Centre for Enterprise & Innovation (CEI)
The Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce works with The Centre for Enterprise & Innovation (CEI) on a number of projects to help support the growth and development of member businesses in Cheltenham and throughout the southwest. The University works with local businesses and other organisations like the Cheltenham Chamber to enable the valuable transfer of our internal knowledge, skills and resources to the outside world. CEI provides academic expertise University-wide to businesses and a platform for an exchange of ideas and best practices with the local business community. The University is committed to working closely with the community, supporting development, enterprise and innovation.

The Cheltenham Business Pride
The Cheltenham Business Pride is a program run in cooperation between Cheltenham Business Partnership and the Cheltenham Borough Council which aims to improve the economic sustainability of the town and the businesses within it by promoting the local area from an economic perspective via key projects. The Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce partners with CBP in a number of projects and events including networking and training seminars and other joint programs to help support the business community.


Jobcentre Plus
The Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce and Jobcentre Plus partner together on local initiatives to help develop the employment prospects and skills base of individuals and member organisations in Cheltenham.  Jobcentre Plus is a government agency supporting people of working age from welfare into work, and helping employers to fill their vacancies. It can help people find the right job to suit their personal requirements whether that's full time, part time, temporary or permanent and the benefits they are entitled.