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Posted 02/07/2013


Cheltenham Chamber Oppose the Proposed Closure of A&E at Cheltenham General Hospital
At a recent meeting of Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce members expressed their concerns about the proposed closure of the A&E at Cheltenham General Hospital. The proposal is to close the A&E at Cheltenham General Hospital between 8.00pm and 8.00am.
It was felt that the proposed closure of the A&E could have a big impact on local businesses. In addition, new businesses may choose not to open in Cheltenham if they knew their staff would have to travel to Gloucester in a medical emergency rather than receiving treatment locally in Cheltenham. The Chamber are also concerned that the reduction in hours for A&E could be a first step towards the full closure of the A&E. Cheltenham and Gloucester are the two major centres of population in Gloucestershire and as such can justify having full-time A&E Departments in both locations.
We are meeting with Cheltenham MP, Martin Horwood, this month to express our concerns and to ask how we can support his campaign to keep the A&E open.
We will report back in the next Cheltenham Chamber newsletter.

Cheltenham Chamber supports the Redevelopment of the Odeon site
The Chamber fully supports the redevelopment of the Odeon Cinema site which will include a mix of residential and retail. The area being redeveloped includes both the former Odeon site and the site of the now derelict Haines & Strange car dealership.
The Chamber has decided to write to Cheltenham Borough Council to express its support for this development which represents a good mix of housing and shops.

Cheltenham Chamber Opposes Leckhampton Housing Development
The Chamber has agreed to oppose the proposal to build 1000 houses on the edge of Leckhampton. Our principal concern is that the infrastructure in this area is inadequate and especially that the existing road would be unable to cope with the additional traffic. We have expressed similar concerns in the past when proposals have been brought forward for housing development in this area.

Cheltenham Chamber Calls on Business to Give Young People a Chance
The Chamber is calling on local businesses, including its members, to give young people a chance.
Many people looking to switch careers or even to start a career are face with the problem that they have no experience and the job adverts say ‘experience required’.
We are asking you to help us by offering work placements or internships (paid or unpaid) to help local people get this much needed experience.
Many local businesses are willing to help out and Chamber member. Kevin Daws of Pitman Training Cheltenham has publically thanked local businesses who have been willing to offer some of his students work placements.
If you want to know more or are willing to offer work placements please contact the Chamber Office – or Telephone 01242 252626.

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