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JJM Contracting Ltd

Posted 21/12/2018


Wavehill, an independent social and economic research company, are currently undertaking a major piece of work on behalf of Cheltenham Borough Council. The work seeks to get the views from the perspective of both employers and employees about living, working, and doing business in Cheltenham. In particular, the CBC is really interested in getting the views of employers and companies operating in the Cheltenham area about the comparative advantages of doing business there as well as some of the difficulties and challenges that they face. Things that they are interested in learning more about are issues such as;

• Availability of employees with the right skills and training
• Wage costs
• Housing and transportation
• Suitability of business premises
• Rents and rates
• Supply chains

This is a real opportunity for businesses to contribute to having the voice of the business community heard in the development plans for Cheltenham and will have a major impact upon CBC’s strategy going into 2019 and the post-Brexit era.

Wavehill will be talking to a number of strategically important businesses in some key sectors and conducting a series of 15-20 minute interviews with senior decision makers in those companies. If you would like to be a part of that, and would be willing to give a small amount of your time to help make sure that the interests and concerns of companies like yours are heard, please feel free to request a call from one of the Wavehill team (click here Alternatively, you can email them directly at

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