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Posted 05/09/2016


Business Bootcamp Entrepreneurship Programme & Workshops

Title:               Accountancy MBA In Half a Day
Timings:           10.00am to 1.00pm
Dates:               14th September 2016, 2nd November 2016,
7th December 2016
Cost:: £45:00+VAT (to include tea, coffee & Danish pastries)

Our Accounting MBA in Half a Day workshop is designed specifically with you in mind!  We will explain in plain English the three main financial statements, what they contain, why they are important and how they relate to one another.  We will take you through the key numbers you really need to know, and explain some simple fundamental economics of business that even seasoned financial commentators misunderstand.  We will show you how to turn activities into numbers and more importantly how to turn numbers into activities.  Finally, we will help demystify the language of business and kill the jargon that is stopping your understanding, growth and profitability!


Title:                Cloud & Client Implementation Day
Timings:           10:00am to 4:00pm
Dates:               21st September 2016, 9th November 2016,
14th December 2016
Cost:: £70:00+VAT (to include tea, coffee, Danish pastries & sandwich lunch)

The cloud and client implementation day is a hands-on session, designed to ensure that you are getting the absolute maximum value from your chosen cloud accounting package. During the session we will highlight the powerful capabilities of cloud software, demonstrating how you can use these features to increase profits, accelerate growth and make better informed business decisions.

Other workshops in the Tayabali Tomlin Bootcamp Entrepreneurship Programme

Title:                The 7 Stages of Business Growth
Timings: TBC
Dates:               TBC

Title:                 How to Create an amazing Business in Amazing Times
Timings:          TBC
Dates:               TBC

Title:                The BIG Mistakes to Avoid
Timings:           TBC
Dates:               TBC


Business Bootcamp Entrepreneurship Programme & Workshops

Title: How to determine the KPI’s You Need to Measure & Monitor in Your Business -  Full day workshop
Timings: 10:00am to 4:00pm
Dates: 5th October 2016, 23rd November 2016
Cost:: £70:00+VAT (to include tea, coffee, Danish pastries & sandwich lunch)
You know that some things are working brilliantly in your business and maybe some things are not performing so well. How do you measure what’s working and what’s not and how can you communicate to others what you want them to focus on?
Once you have set those all important business goals, how are you going to measure if you are on track? That’s where the “Key Performance Indicators” (KPIS’) come in.

Title:                How to Create Your Business Model – half day workshop
Timings:           10.00am to 1.00pm
Dates:             19th October 2016
Cost:: £45:00+VAT (to include tea, coffee & Danish pastries)

An excellent business model is critical to success. Get it wrong and it will cost you dearly. Get it right and see your business fly!

This workshop will teach you how to design and build business models and value propositions that sell, based on the methodology used by world leading organisations.

We will use real-life case studies to show how an innovation in the business model can make or break a business, and explain the differences between your business model and your business strategy. 


Title:                New Client-Kick Start Day
Timings:           10:00am to 4:00pm
Dates:             28th September 2016, 26th October 2016, 11th January 2016
Cost:: £70:00+VAT (to include tea, coffee, Danish pastries & sandwich lunch)

A bespoke workshop for new clients to make sure you get the most from us from the outset. Helping us to understand your current financial reporting framework, getting you set up on cloud accounting & how to use it effectively. Taking you through our TaxAbility Checklist to ensure you are paying the minimum in tax and much more…

Please note that to secure your place payment is due at the time of booking.

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