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Posted 29/02/2016


Dubbed the ‘corporates', a team from accounting firm Paish Tooth recently experienced a highly informative day volunteering at Cheltenham Animal Shelter.  The day was organised through Involve Gloucestershire, a local organisation which sources volunteering projects for businesses keen to help a good cause and build their social responsibility.

Cheltenham Animal Shelter’s main aim since it first opened in the 1920’s is to re-home their rescue animals as quickly as possible, whilst providing all the care and attention necessary to match each animal with their new adopter.

Six staff members from Paish Tooth accountants began their day with a tour around the surprisingly large site, including the behaviour room which opened last summer and a new sensory area which the Shelter is hoping will open later on this spring.  This area is being designed to allow dogs off-lead fun, enjoying a pond, raised platforms, sand pit, scent posts and the opportunity to just be dogs.

After the tour the Paish Tooth team were put to work, and divided up to help with the cleaning of the dog kennels, the cat pens and the small animal cages.   Cleaning needs to be carried out on a daily basis, and depending on how many animals are currently being cared for, can take all day.  After a morning of scrubbing down, the team then spent the afternoon exercising the dogs.  This involved a ‘pack walk’ around Pittville Park, as well as walks with individual dogs and recall training in the new off-lead paddock.  All in all it was a really interesting and worthwhile experience for everyone involved.


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