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Posted 17/02/2016


Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce have opposed the proposed Benhall Bus Lane and lodged their objection with Gloucestershire County Council in good time.

“We know that this scheme is currently being delayed by the County Council but we would ask them to scrap it!” commented Jon Leamon, Deputy Chief Executive of Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce “There is little overall benefit to motorists, businesses or bus users from this poorly thought out proposal and is certainly not worth the £2 million investment.”

“The claimed time saving through the introduction of this bus lane is at best questionable,” commented Roger Marchant, the Chamber’s Transport Executive, “Buses queue daily at peak times from the Queens Hotel in the Promenade and stop start all the way to Arle Court roundabout, they also regularly queue before entering bus priority sections along the route.  In fact delays only occur during morning and evening peaks on weekdays.”
He continued “The reality is that the proposed bus lane along with existing bus lanes are not wide enough, cyclists frequently use them and a bus does not have the room to overtake the slow cyclist, this adds to unnecesaary frustration and delays for buses, defeating the bus lane objective.”

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