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Dean Close School

Posted 30/12/2015


Ratcliffe Consultants are delighted to announce that they are able to assist all the Chambers and business groups in the county, by offering discounted insurance for themselves AND their members!

Claire Thayers is now working with Mr Ratcliffe and is talking to every Chamber to find out what their challenges are to see how the Association of Gloucestershire Chambers can help, and public liability was a real issue

The key cover that will be offered, includes
Public liability, employers liability, where staff are employed, and the properties of the Chambers (e.g chains of office) and premises.

This new insurance will include normal evens run by Chambers and business groups such as business meetings/training and talks and other events will be differentiated between low and high risk (i.e. fireworks/concerts/processions etc.)

Aviva are working with Mr Ratcliffe to offer exclusive access to specialised products and reduced rates – which is great for us all!

For more information, please email Robin Farquhar

Claire Thayers will be in touch to arrange to meet with each Chamber and Business group – so do expect her call, but in the meantime, should you wish to contact her, do call 07870632093 or email

She is also working on a regular newsletter that will be sent out each quarter, to each chair of each town - so watch this space!

Wishing you all a very happy new year!

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