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Posted 27/02/2015


Have you ever had a discussion with your IT department about backing up your data, and they have always assured you that back-ups are done regularly so everything is fine?  But is it?  Have you ever had to test them and restore the data?

As every business knows, no matter what the size, your data is one of your most important and valuable assets.  Whether you are a multi-national company, a regional accountant or solicitor or a local mechanic you will be storing important information on your clients.  From address details to contact information to invoicing - everything you know about your client is more than likely stored electronically.

Back-up, recovery and disaster recovery are essential processes within your business. Failure to have a back-up and recovery procedure puts your data at risk of loss.  Companies often only learn this lesson after critical information is permanently lost.  Recovering from a loss of critical data is time consuming, expensive and extremely difficult for companies.

If you have a process for doing regular back-ups you must include recovery of data in it.  It is crucial that your back-ups are tested by restoring from them.  Some tests you should do to ensure you can recover from a disaster are:

• Restore many single files
• Restore an older version of a file
• Restore an entire folder
• Restore an entire drive and compare the checksum

If you don’t test, you may find out that nothing was being backed up when you need to restore the files in reality.

Converge can help with putting the right processes in place for your organisation to ensure that your back-ups are being done correctly and more importantly, they are working.

If you would like more information on how we can help contact us on or call us on 01452 858030

 Tom Henson Technical Sales Manager, Converge

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