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Posted 27/02/2015


A question I am often asked by businesses who want to start email marketing is “How do I grow my subscriber list?”

It is far better to grow your list organically over time rather, than the clinging to the belief that you rapidly need to add 5,000 subscribers to make your email marketing successful.

Growing your list organically means you’ll be communicating with people who have actually asked to hear from you, and this will lead to more enquiries and conversions.

Here are 10 effective ways to get more subscribers

1. On every contact with customers take the opportunity to ask for their email address. Do ensure though that you ask their permission to add them to your list explain what you will use it for.

2. Add a subscribe form to your website.

People don’t visit websites any more. They visit pages. So do place it on all the key landing pages, on the hand side of page and ‘above the fold’.

3. Sell the benefits of subscribing to your newsletter. What will subscriber receive and how often? Why will it benefit them?

“Sign up for our monthly newsletter” is uninspiring (although I do see a lot of this).

“Get monthly tax saving tips” or “Get free design tips every month” are much more likely to get people subscribing.

4. Give something away for free in return for subscribing. For example a tips sheet, an e-book or an MP3 download.

5. Add a link to your subscribe form in your email signature.

6. Promote your newsletter on blogs and forums.
Most forums enable you to have a forum signature, so add it to that.

7. Take hard copies of your newsletter to networking events and at the top of the page, include details of how to sign up.  Remember to include a benefit statement as per (3) above.

8. Archive your newsletter on your website along with details of how to sign up.
This will also help with search engine optimisation.

9. Include a forward to a friend and social sharing links in your newsletters.

10. Include a subscribe link in every newsletter for people who have received a forwarded copy.

Above all, do take every opportunity to collect email addresses. If you take the above steps your list will grow organically over time. You’ll have a high quality list and will be communicating with people who have asked to hear from you. Your will then achieve much greater engagement and ultimately a higher enquiry and conversion rate.

Above, I have mentioned subscribe forms, free giveaways, newsletter archives, and social sharing links. If you use an email service provider such as Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor, these can all be implemented with little technical knowledge. Do contact me if you need guidance on this.


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