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Posted 23/02/2015


Local businesses are no stranger to the risks associated with trading in today’s economic climate. Suppliers going under, clients struggling to pay and competitors squeezing market share. It’s survival of the fittest. But one local businessman has come home to roost with a revolutionary new service for SMEs designed to turn uncertainty into intelligence.

This month sees Phil Denman open the doors of his new data integrity bureau, Red Flag Alert, right here in his home town of Cheltenham.

Red Flag Alert is an online business information bureau. The system contains over 6 million records of live trading companies which is updated daily. Users are able to manipulate the data via a simple platform to produce powerful reports relevant to individual industries and sectors. This enables highly targeted marketing, planning and risk assessment, all at the touch of a button.

A fully qualified accountant and risk management specialist, Phil’s career is not to be confused with that of a typical accountant. With an emphasis on adding value to the numerous blue chip companies he has been engaged by, he is skilled in tactical analysis of data and utilising it for business planning and sales growth.

“The ability to combine my financial skills and my marketing ability to support SME’s is what I bring to the table. Companies need data to grow but it has to be secure and relevant. Throughout my career I have had to build bridges to manage the finance and marketing teams and I think that’s a rare and valuable skill.

“Data is the life blood of every business, I understand that because it’s been a feature of my career,” explains Phil.

Thanks to Phil, local businesses will now have the ability to access data previously reserved for large corporations with big budgets and endless resource. Red Flag Alert in Cheltenham will significantly improve its user’s ability to intelligently target their ideal prospects and monitor both supplier and client relationships in real time. Business owners who make smart, well informed decisions do better business.

Cheltenham already has plenty to be proud of. In fact, 16% of local businesses currently receive a gold rating in the Red Flag Alert system compared to the national average of just 13%. Gold standard businesses are financially sound, in a period of growth and are meeting legislative commitments.

A smart business owner will recognise these businesses as ideal customers. Those with access to Red Flag Alert will be able to contact each and every one of them.

“I’m building a new business in my home town and I couldn’t be happier. By its very nature, the growth of my business relies on the value it adds to SMEs in the community. By being active and helping my fellow business owners, we will share in our combined success. The data revolution is happening, it can’t be ignored. Now it’s about getting ahead of the game and harnessing the power of big data,” adds Phil.

If you’d like to harness the power of true business intelligence, contact Phil Denman for an informal chat or to arrange a demonstration of the system. Email or call 07701 281501.

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