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Posted 28/02/2014


Since it started the Association has encouraged and developed closer working between its members and the recent meeting showed how much progress is being made. We have set up 3 sub-committee who are working very hard in the following areas:
Communications – exploring how we share information between the different organisations to ensure our local members are aware of each other events; seminars; meeting and special occasions. The sub-committee is currently finding out how each member organisation communicates with its members and the wider world whether it is by e-mails; newsletters; meetings; a website and do they use the social media especially Twitter.
Code of Practice – this sub-committee is identify good practice and when the code of practice has been agreed then the member organisations will be encouraged to adopt it. It will also be made available to other organisations, including community groups, if they think it will help them.
The future development of the Association – this sub –committee is looking at how we can increase membership across all the member organisations as well as exploring the most effective ways for our collective voice to be heard locally and nationally. Following our previous meeting a Press Release was issued supporting the ‘Missing Link Campaign’ and this received a lot of coverage across Gloucestershire and the South West
The Association’s initial aims and objectives include promoting the county as a place to live, work and visit and to provide a centre of support and advice for local chambers and business groups.
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