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Posted 17/12/2013


“The Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce and REACH are deeply concerned about  the proposal for the possible withdrawal of emergency surgery at Cheltenham General Hospital” commented Michael Ratcliffe, Chair of REACH and Chief Executive of Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce, “This would be more than unfortunate for Cheltenham and would turn Cheltenham General Hospital into a hospital where major surgery is no longer performed.”

“We understand that the Trust is committed to providing two thriving hospitals in Gloucestershire and cannot see how the contents of the leaked report are consistent with this commitment.”

“Clearly we shall be looking for a clear re-statement that the Trust is committed to the provision of two major acute hospitals in Gloucestershire.”

“It is important that any constructive dialogue with the Trust and the GCCG (Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group) is based on a relationship of trust which requires openness and transparency, something which appears not to have occurred to date.”

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