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Satya Ifotech Ltd

Corporate and Social Responsibility

Here are Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs and iniatives which some of our members promote and support in Cheltenham and around the world. We encourage all our members to provide information on their CSR initiatives, which we'd be happy to promote here and in Chamber communications.

Cheltenham Community Projects:
CCP exists to improve the lives of children, young people, families and vulnerable adults with multiple and complex needs.

IT Schools Africa (ITSA)
ITSA was established in 2004 to accelerate education in Africa with a vision to address the problem of textbook and IT equipment shortages in African schools. Donating computers to schools allows teachers to download curriculum material free of charge, providing children with greater access to learning. ITSA works in partnership with CFAS (Computers for African Schools) and their joint ITSA-CFAS programme is making a major difference in some of the poorest countries in Africa, so far providing over 940,000 children with access to IT technology.

Isbourne Holistic Centre
Founded in 1995 and based in Cheltenham, The Isbourne Holistic Centre is a registered charity whose purpose is to 'Create Positive Lives through Education'. The Isbourne offers practical skills for self-development and wellbeing, with a wide array of courses, workshops and talks designed to promote health and fitness for mind, body and soul, while cultivating a deeper sense of purpose and self-awareness.

Mahkad Trust
The mission of the Makhad Trust is to provide a meeting place, in nomadic regions of the world, where there is a powerful relationship between the environment and the human spirit. The Sinai Desert is one of those places. Makhad works to sustain the environment and the natural heritage of the people who live in those regions and, while doing so, to appreciate and to learn from their traditional wisdom.